Adam's Fun Facts: Australian Rabbits, Harry S. Truman, Snow Names & More!

5 facts from Adam

July 18, 2018

Photo by Adam Alexander

How many words do the Scottish have for snow?  Who is the only person in Australia that is legally allowed to have a rabbit?  What group did Harry Truman join and then quickly quit after getting their support?  All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts:

1.  There are 421 different words for snow in Scottish.  Even though Scotland only averages about 15 to 20 snowy days a year. (BBC)

2.  It's illegal to own a rabbit in Queensland, Australia unless you're a magician. (Burke's Backyard)

3.  The average American produces their weight in garbage every three months. (The Atlantic)

4.  Only two states have never had a temperature over 100 degrees:  Alaska and Hawaii, believe it or not.  All the rest have hit at least 105. (USA Today)

5.  Harry Truman joined the KKK in 1924 to get their support in a county judge election in Missouri.  He never went to any of their meetings and quit almost immediately. (Wikipedia)