Adam's Fun Facts: Elf On The Shelf, "Glory Of Love", "The Blair Witch Project": & More

6 Facts From Adam

December 6, 2018

Photo by Adam Alexander

What year did we get The Elf on the Shelf?  What did the makers of "The Blair Witch Project" do in order to get money?  What movie was the song "Glory of Love" originally written for?  All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts:

1.  The guys making "The Blair Witch Project" had so little money that they returned one of the cameras they used to Circuit City for a refund once they were done filming.

2.  Peter Cetera wrote the song "Glory of Love" for "Rocky 4", but the studio decided not to use it . . . so it became the theme song for "The Karate Kid, Part 2".  It hit number one on the Billboard charts and got an Oscar nomination.

3.  It's legal to kick the ball in volleyball.

4.  Rob Reiner really wanted to direct "The Shawshank Redemption" . . . and he wanted to cast Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford.  He offered Frank Darabont $2.5 million for a shot . . . but Darabont decided to direct it himself.

5.  A Congressman named John Harrison is the only person who was the parent AND the child of U.S. presidents.  He was William Henry Harrison's son and Benjamin Harrison's father.  William was our 9th president.  Benjamin was our 23rd.

6. The Elf on the Shelf made its debut in 2005.