Adam Alexander On The Set Of "24" (Season 2 Episode 14: 9pm-10pm)

Adam's Fun Facts: Drinking In America, Delaware, "24" & More!

5 Facts From Adam

November 8, 2018

What was the original plan for the TV show "24"? What state in the United States that you can NOT book a direct flight to? How much alcohol did Americans drink in 1830 compared to today? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts:

1. In the book "Stuart Little", Stuart isn't a mouse. He's a tiny boy who looks like a mouse.

2. The original plan for the show "24" was a comedy about the day leading up to a wedding.

3. America now has more people who speak Spanish than Spain. The only country in the world with more Spanish speakers than us is Mexico.

4. In 1830, the average American drank three times more alcohol in a year than we do today. (They clearly aren't polling the right places!)

5. It's impossible to buy a flight to Delaware. Frontier Airlines used to go to Wilmington New Castle Airport, but they dropped those routes in 2015. So now Delaware is the one state in the U.S. that you can only fly to on a private plane.