Photo by Adam Alexander

Adam's Fun Facts: Long Jumping On Horses, Houston's Size, Pedialyte & More!

5 Facts From Adam

September 24, 2018

When was the last year for the long jump on horses in the Olympics?  What percentage of adults drink Pedialyte and what are they drinking it for?  What city is larger than New Jersey?  All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts:   

1.  Every single odd number has the letter "e" in it when you spell it out. (Reddit)

2.  The 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris featured a long jump competition on horses.  Belgium won. (Wikipedia)

3.  The Houston metropolitan area is 8,778 square miles, which is bigger than the entire state of New Jersey. (Houston)

4.  Approximately 250,000 people in America are married to their first or second cousins. (FiveThirtyEight)


5.  One-third of people who drink Pedialyte are adults and most of them are using it to treat hangovers.(Consumerist)