Adam's Fun Facts: Phone Charger, The Flag On The Moon, Bunny Ears & More!

July 12, 2018


Where did the flag that Apollo 11 astronauts put on the moom come from?  How much electricity does it take to charge your phone?  Where di the "bunny ears" behind someone's head come from?  All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts:

1.  Bolivia, which is landlocked in South America, has a Navy with 5,000 sailors.  But it hasn't been in the ocean in almost 140 years. (New York Post)

2.  The "bunny ears" hand gesture was originally called "cuckold's horns" and people held it up behind a guy's head if they knew his wife was cheating on him. (Wikipedia)

3.  The electricity it takes to charge your phone every night for a year costs about 50 cents. (Lifehacker)

4.  There are about 82 million Korean people in the world and all of them use just 250 last names. (IB Times)

5.  The flag that the Apollo 11 astronauts planted on the moon came from Sears.  A NASA employee bought it off the shelf for $5.50 right before the mission. (Sky and Telescope)