Adam's Fun Facts, Presidential Mothers, American Gladiators, The Tonight Show & More!

5 Facts From Adam

February 14, 2019

Photo by Adam Alexander

What is the only TV show that is NOT a soap opera to produce over 10,000 episodes?  What were the original names of the "American Gladiators"?  Who was the first Presidents MOTHER to actually vote for her son?  All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts:

1.  There have been eight episodic TV shows in the U.S. to produce over 10,000 episodes.  Seven are soap operas, the eighth is "The Tonight Show".     (I was one of many "Sketch Actors" for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno! I did a total of 28 shows.  The skits varied but everyone of them made it to the air!  I think the reason I got so many is because I lived close to the studio and could be there fast when they came up with something. -Adam)

Photo by Adam Alexander

2.  If you cry in space, your tears don't fall, because there's no gravity.  They just kind of stay up by your eyes until you wipe them away.

3.  Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first president whose mother voted for him.  He was the fourth president elected after women got the right to vote: Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover's mothers had all passed away before they ran.

4.  The first six gladiators on "American Gladiators" were supposed to be named Cattalus, Dominoes, Evander, Lace, Willie, and Zap.  Lace and Zap survived, but the other four were renamed to sound "cooler" before the show debuted in 1989.  That's how they ended up with Malibu, Nitro, Gemini, and Sunny.

5.  Elephants are afraid of bees.