Adam's Fun Facts: Shortest Flight, Longest Living Animal, Roller-Coasters & More!

5 Facts From Adam

August 9, 2018

Photo by Adam Alexander

Where and how long is the shortest commercial flight?  What animal has the longest lifespan?  In what language does the word roller-coaster translate to American Mountain?  All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts:

1.  The shortest international commercial flight is between the two Caribbean islands St. Martin and Anguilla.  It's just under 12 miles and lasts 10 minutes. (CNN)

2.  Sesame seeds are naturally dark brown.  The ones we're used to eating have been bleached. (Mental Floss)

3.  During America Online's peak in the '90s, half of the CDs being produced in the world were their "Free Trial" discs. (TechCrunch)

4.  The Russian term for roller coasters is "amerikanskie gorki," which translates to "American Mountains." (Wikipedia)

5.  The animal with the longest lifespan is a species of clam called the ocean quahog.  They live to around 400 years old.  The second-longest lifespan is the bowhead whale, they live to about 211. The clam is about five inches long, and the whale is about 65 feet. (Business Insider)