Adam's Fun Facts: Sperm Whale, Fake Engine Noise, "Toy Story" & More

5 Random Facts

May 16, 2018


What odd defense mechanism does a sperm whale use?  What city and state can we assume the "Toy Story" franchise is set?  Why are some car makers adding the sound of a motor to their car motors?  All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts:

1. The best theory for where "Toy Story" is set is Chagrin Falls, Ohio, which is a suburb of Cleveland.  The movie's co-director is from there and there are lots of subtle references to the town that are hidden in the film. (Ohio Wins)

2. Now that engines are quieter, companies including Ford, BMW, and Volkswagen all add FAKE engine noise to cars. (Wasgington Post)

3. There's a mathematical reason why everyone at the gym seems like they're in better shape than you. People in great shape tend to go to the gym more often!   So, you ARE more likely to see those people than people who work out less often. (Business Insider)

4. The luxury cruise lines Cunard and Princess both have the morning after pill available on board. (Daily Mail)

5. One of the sperm whale's main defense mechanisms is pooping. They release so much that it's hard to see through the wall of brown in the water. (Huffington Post)