Adam' Fun Facts: Baked Beans, Phoenix Sports, Giraffes & More!

5 Fun Facts From Adam!

June 10, 2019

Photo By: Adam Alexander


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1.  Robin Williams wanted to play the role of Hagrid in the "Harry Potter" movies but the producers had a rule that they'd only cast British actors, so they told him no.

2.  Baked beans are stewed, not baked.

3.  The first video to be played twice on MTV was "You Better You Bet" by The Who.  It was the fourth video they played, and the 54th.

4.  Giraffes usually stay upright while sleeping and if they do settle into a vulnerable position on the ground, it's just for a quick six-minute nap.

5.  Phoenix is the only city to have had all four major pro sports teams play on the same day.  On November 4th, 2001, the Arizona Cardinals lost a football game, the Phoenix Coyotes lost a hockey game, and the Phoenix Suns lost a basketball game.  However, the Arizona Diamondbacks shocked the baseball world by beating the New York Yankees in game 7 of the World Series!