Photo by Adam Alexander

Adam's Fun Facts: Casino Purchase, Zombies, "Lord of the Rings" & More!

5 Facts From Adam

November 9, 2018

Ever wish you were so rich you could buy a casino JUST so you could remove the neon sign on the roof because the light bothered your eyes? Someone did! Read these Fun Facts to find out who AND have an AWESOME Friday:

1. The only way to drive to the town of Hyder, Alaska is from Canada! There are no roads to it from anywhere in Alaska.

2. The ancient Greeks were afraid of zombies, so they buried some people underneath heavy rocks with stakes in their hearts. (!)


3. Sonic the Hedgehog was originally named "Mr. Needlemouse."

4. In the entire "Lord of the Rings" movie trilogy, there are no scenes where two women speak to each other.

5. Howard Hughes bought a casino in Paradise, Nevada in 1968 for $5.4 million, just so he could take down its neon sign. He was annoyed that it shined into his window.