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Adam's Fun Facts: Google Maps, George Lucas, The Coast Guard & More

5 Fun Facts From Adam!

June 5, 2019

I hope these Fun Facts find you happy and smiling! -Adam

1.  The first satellite images on Google Maps weren't taken by satellites . . . they were taken by planes.

2.  When Oregon became a state in 1859, its constitution banned black people from living or working in the state.  And they didn't change the law until 1926.

3.  Only one member of the Coast Guard has ever received the Medal of Honor.  His name was Douglas Munro, and he got it for saving 500 Marines who were trapped by Japanese forces during a World War Two battle in 1942.  Sadly, he died in the process.    

4.  George Lucas gave Mel Brooks permission to parody "Star Wars" with "Spaceballs", he just had one rule:  No merchandising.  Brooks agreed, and Lucas's visual effect company Industrial Light and Magic did the special effects.

5.  Ten of the first 12 presidents owned slaves.  The only ones who didn't were John Adams and his son, John Quincy Adams.