Photo by Adam Alexander

Another Story From The Set From The Morning MIX's Adam Alexander!

Adam recently returned from New Orleans after shooting his 4th episode of "Queen Sugar"!

April 30, 2019

If you have watched Queen Sugar on the OWN Network, you have seen Adam from The Morning MIX.  He plays Sheriff Guidry on the show and he just returned from New Orleans filming his 4th episode on the show.  Here are his comments on this trip:


I just completed my 4th episode of Queen Sugar.  It was just one scene and I was in and out in a day!  I so love working on this show as the cast and the crew are always so welcoming.  The director of this particular episode was Heidi Saman and when we got to talking, we stumbled on the fact that we both work in radio!  Heidi, you see, is the producer of Fresh Air with Terry Gross on NPR.  It was great fun "talking shop" about radio while on the set of a TV show!


I can't say much about this scene as I hate spoilers.  I am slated for 2 more episodes this season and I hope you get to watch them! If you would like to see clips from the other episodes as well as other shows, films and TV shows I have acted in, click THIS!  Thank you for your support!  -Adam