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You Aren't Truly Dating In 2019 Until You Are Ghosted!

In The Last 365 Days, 35% Of People Dating Have Had Someone They Liked Disappear!

July 31, 2019

You aren't TRULY dating in 2019 until someone you like seems to fall off the face of the earth!  According to a new survey, 35% of single people say someone's GHOSTED them and that's just in the past year!!

26% of the people were in a relationship they THOUGHT was exclusive but it turned out the other person didn't agree.

The survey also found that people want to have the "define the relationship" talk after around four months of dating but one-third of people have gone out of their way to avoid having it for as long as possible. 

58% of women and 52% of men under 40 have actually questioned whether they can even handle a real relationship.  Man, good luck out there it sounds exhausting!!  -Adam