Photo By: Adam Alexander

How Do You Like Your Steak Cooked?

These Results Might Surprise You!

September 25, 2019

So, how do YOU like your steak cooked?  I say if you YOU say "well done" you just weren't raised right and you are WASTING your MONEY!  But, apparently I am not in the amjorioty here.  I assume if you DO get it well done you also use ketchup with it?  #SnootyAdam

According to a new survey, believe it or not, the most popular way to order steaks in this country is well done!  24% of people say it's their favorite way to order.  It just beat out medium-rare, which got 23% of the vote.  16% go medium-well while 13% pick medium, 11% want rare and 2% order BLUE RARE, which is even rarer than rare.  Have you ever heard of "Blue Rare"?  Me either.  

Women are almost 50% more likely to order a steak well done than men.

Let's move to burgers:

The survey found that the most popular way to cook burgers is also well done.  40% of people say that's how they like their burgers! (?)

20% said medium-well, 17% said medium, 12% said medium-rare and 2% like their burgers rare.