Photo By: Adam Alexander

Adam's Fun Facts: Monorails, Miami, Marvin Gaye & More!

5 Fun Facts From Adam!

August 16, 2019

Here are 5 Fun Facts to help you through your Friday!

1.  The U.S. military supported the movie "Independence Day" and even offered military costumes and props . . . until the film refused to eliminate mentions of Area 51. Then the military withdrew all its support.

2.  Miami has a higher percentage of people born in foreign countries than any other major city in the world.  59% of Miami's population was born in another country.  Toronto is second, at 50%.

3.  The last time a Democrat was elected president after another Democrat's term ended was James Buchanan in 1856.  Although Truman became president when FDR died, then got re-elected.

4.  There are 12 different colors for the monrails used at Walt Disney World: The current colors are: Peach, Teal, Red, Coral, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Lime, Green, Blue, Silver, and Black.

5.  Marvin Gaye trained to play pro football in 1970 and tried to get a tryout with the Detroit Lions.  But since he had ZERO football experience, the coach didn't want him to get hurt and turned him down.