Photo By: Adam Alexander

The Top 10 Things People Do During "Me Time"

Most Of Us Feel Guilty Taking Time For Ourselves

July 24, 2019

Most of us aren't particularly good at taking care of ourselves.  A new survey found 62% of people even feel GUILTY when they carve out some time for themselves.

When you DO finally take a little time for self-care, what do you do? 

Here are the 10 most common answers:

1.  Exercise, 56%.

2.  Nap or sleep in, 40%.

3.  Spend some time alone, 38%.

4.  Take a bath, 38%.

5.  Stretch or do yoga, 36%.

6.  Meditate, 36%.

7.  Get a massage, 36%.

8.  Have a relaxing meal or a drink, 34%.

9.  Skin care, 33%.

10.  Read, 30%.