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Adam's Fun Facts: Millionaires, Judy Garland, McDonalds & More

5 Fun Facts From Adam!

October 7, 2019

These #FunFacts were made special just for YOU:

1.  You're far closer to having a net worth of exactly $1 million than a billionaire. After all, you'd just have to find a way to make $1 million . . . they'd have to find a way to lose at least $999 million.  (Hey, we didn't say it was easier necessarily . . . just closer.)

2.  When Judy Garland got cast as Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz", she was put on a diet of chicken soup, black coffee, and 80 cigarettes a day . . . even though she was 16.

3.  "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison was originally called "Brown Skinned Girl".   But he had to change it because a song about interracial romance was too controversial for the 1960s.

4.  McDonald's didn't start accepting credit cards until 2003.

5.  When you pass gas, the tiny particles of feces leave your body at 543 miles-per-hour.