New 689 Area Code Coming To Central Florida In June

We've run out of 407 and 321!

April 16, 2019
Cell Phone

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It's time to familiarize yourself with a new area code.

'689' is now officially an Orlando area code that will be coming this June.

Due to the massive growth in the area and people moving here in droves, we needed a new area code as all combinations of 407 and 321 have been used. 

T-Mobile posted this on their website:

"To ensure a continuing supply of new telephone numbers, the Florida Public Service Commission has approved an all services area code overlay for the 407/321 overlay region, which currently serves Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties, as well as parts of Lake and Volusia Counties. The new 689 area code will be “overlaid”, or superimposed, over the region now served by the 407/321 overlay. The portion of the 321 area code serving Brevard County is not affected and will not receive the 689 overlay."

You can read more here.