Taylor Swift Teams With Andrew Lloyd Webber On 'Beautiful Ghosts' From 'Cats'

It's an original song for the movie...and Oscar consideration.

October 25, 2019

Universal Pictures has announced that Taylor Swift and Andrew Lloyd Webber have teamed on a brand new song for their upcoming film Cats.

With Lloyd Webber composing the music, and Swift the lyrics, "Beautiful Ghosts" will be sung in the film by Francesca Hayward playing the role of Victoria. Swift will have a go at the song herself as the film's credits roll.

“When I first read the screenplay, the first thing I said was, ‘We have to have a song for Victoria,’” says Lloyd Webber in the behind-the-scenes clip above. “Beautiful Ghosts,” he says, is now, “an incredibly important and central part of the whole film.”

"Memory" is undoubtedly the best known song from Cats, but with Swift's influence, "Beautiful Ghosts" may become equally well known.

The inclusion of original songs to existing musicals when they hit the silver screen has become somewhat commonplace of late considering that it is the only way a song from the film will be eligible for Academy Award consideration.