CJ's Journal: Easy At Home Workout

This workout is easy for anyone to do.

April 2, 2020

If you know me at all you know that fitness is a huge part of my life. (So is food hence why I workout so hard.)

So with my gym being closed, I had to get resourceful and figure out how I can stay in shape while confined to my house.

First off, I ordered resistance bands online. They'll be here this weekend so I'll be able to incorporate those into my workouts.

However, you don't need any equipment to break a sweat and get those endorphins pumping! 

***As with any exercise regimine, consult a physician before beginning and know your limits.***

Here's what I've been doing:

I begin by doing yoga in the morning three times a week. 

I found a video online of easy beginner yoga and I do that for 20-30 minutes. I do it before I even have my morning coffee.

5 days a week, I've been doing a combination of things to break a sweat.

Usually right after my show ends at 7, I go into my living room, blast the radio, (I tell my smart speaker to play Mix 105.1,) and I begin.

I start with stretching. Very important to stretch.

Then I jog in place for 2 minutes. It's easy because I usually end up singing the song playing on the radio. I try and get my knees up to waist level. 

Then I proceed with 50 jumping jacks. Just to get more blood flowing.

Now my workout really begins.

I have a 2-story house, so I run up and down my stairs 10 times. (BE CAREFUL NOT TO FALL!)

Then I do 10 pushups. Slow on the down, and explode up. I do this 3 times.

Next, I do 20 jump squats. Lower your body down into a squat, then with all of your power, explode up. I do this 3 times.

Next, I do leg raises. Lay on your back with your hands by your glutes, and raise your legs up into the air using your lower abs. Then lower then back down. I do 20.

Next, I do a plank. I hold the plank for 30 seconds. (A timer is useful here.) I do this 4 times with 10 second rests in between.

I repeat 2 more times. 

Total: 30 times up the stairs, 90 pushups, 180 jump squats, 60 leg raises, 6 total minutes of planks. I try and finish this in under 30 minutes.

Follow this with more stretching to cool down and lots of water. 

Again, this is what I'm doing. I am NOT a personal trainer or a nutritionist. I simply do what I know works for me and my body type. 

Let me know if you have any suggestions on things I could do to incorporate into my home workout routine!