Best Orlando Neighborhoods For Trick Or Treating

Let's be real...some neighborhoods are just better for candy hauls.

September 10, 2019

Trick or treating used to be throw a sheet over your head, cut holes for eyes, and grab a brown bag and go get a few pieces of candy from the neighbors and call it a night.

Now, it's a production.

Halloween itself has grown to become a true holiday with themed parties, over-the-top decorations, haunted houses, and the like.

So it's no wonder some people ditch their neighborhoods on Halloween in favor of other areas where the candy haul is greater.

I came up with this list based on my experience in these areas hosting events of different sorts over the past 7 years. Parking, number of homes, and pedeistrian amenities helped shape my list.

So here are some of Orlando's best neighborhoods to trick-or-treat in.

1. Baldwin Park

Baldwin Park is atop the list for many reasons. Not only is it a massive area with plenty of homes to stop at, but there's also a village center with restaurants, perfect for dinner before venturing out, and the mansions along New Broad Street always go over-the-top with decor. We also hear the candy bars are sometimes full-sized.

2. College Park 

For the same reason Baldwin Park tops the list, College Park comes in a close second. Nearby restaurants, a plethora of parking, and larger homes lead one to believe more people may be passing out candy.

3. Lake Nona

Lake Nona, specifically Laureate Park, is a newer area of Orlando but with the same amenities as the previous "parks," Laureate Park is an obvious choice for the 3rd spot.

4. Winter Park

Winter Park isn't as high on the list because I've noticed a lot of homes don't participate in trick-or-treating. These homes are often filled with older couples who turn off their lights or perhaps join their children or grandchildren trick-or-treating nearby. However, if you find a few streets participating, then you're sure to get a great haul!

5. Celebration

Celebration is essentially the same thing as Baldwin Park, but its located right outside Walt Disney World. There are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat and then walk around and trick-or-treat.

6. Avalon Park

Avalon Park fits in nicely with the top 3 "parks" as it's a village center surrounded by residential making walking a breeze and trick-or-treating more pedestrian friendly.

7. Harmony

Harmony is a ways out on 192 to the southeast of St. Cloud, but with a village style layout, its perfect for trick-or-treating.

8. Delaney Park

Delaney Park sits nicely in between downtown Orlando and the Hour Glass District. With brick paved roads, plenty of shade, and nearby restaurants, Delaney Park is a great choice for trick-or-treating. 

9. Hamlin

Hamlin is a new area off New Independence Parkway in Winter Garden that has recently popped up with new construction everywhere. It follows the Baldwin Park plan with a village center, and nearby residential areas with walkways, playgrounds, and plenty of parking. 

Of course, there are plenty of other areas that are great for trick-or-treating like...perhaps your own neighborhood!