I Gave In To The Bike Share Craze And I Love It

I thought those bikes scattered about was a ridiculous idea until I rode one.

January 4, 2019


First off, let me say this is not an endorsement of any kind for those bike share companies. I just really wanted to talk about the colorful elephant in the room.

You've most likely seen those colorful bikes scattered about all over town and thought to yourself, what a ridiculous idea! Who would ride those things?!

Well, I was one of those people until a week ago. 

I scoffed at the bikes just sitting all by themselves waiting for someone to come take them for a spin around town. I would say, "just buy one yourself!" 

Well, as someone who lives in a small apartment, I realized, "Where would I store a bike?" 

So one day, I decided to see what the fuss was about. I downloaded the app, followed the 3 steps on the bike's basket, and boom, I was off. 

After the very first pedal, an electric "motor" kicked in to assist in pedaling, making this bike ride a bit easier and much more enjoyable. 

I rode for about 3 miles that evening and parked the bike and followed the ONE step to lock the bike and end my ride. It was SO simple! 

Now, obviously I get that these bikes may not work in every part of town as some areas are WAY less pedestrian friendly and require a car to get around, but if you live in an area like Avalon Park, Downtown, Winter Park, Lake Nona, Baldwin Park, etc, these bikes are so much fun to use and I have ridden them a few times a week since my initial ride. 

So, it's safe to say that these bikes got me. I "get" them now. They're not for everyone, but for those who want to take a nice bike ride around a lake, or along a nature path and park it along a trail for someone else to find via the GPS built in to the bike, it's a great thing.

Obviously, with any bike ride you should take safety precautions like wearing protective head gear, having your phone on you in case of an emergency and make sure to follow road signs and watch for traffic. This is perfect for a nice Saturday afternoon activity. 

Again, this is not an endorsement of any kind and I am not being paid to say this... I just genuinely enjoyed these bikes and thought you might too!