CJ's Home Journal: I Started Yoga

I guess it's yoga that I'm doing?

March 31, 2020

With me spending so much time at home, I realized that I can't keep eating everytime I stand up from the couch or my desk.

So, I decided to schedule myself some yoga time in the morning.

I have set aside 30 minutes before I being my work day to do some yoga.

I'll be quite honest, it may just be glorified stretching...I don't really know. 

I'm following some online yoga videos on youtube. 

There are thousands for any fitness level really. 

I'll have to video myself doing yoga. It's honestly not pretty at all. 

However, I'm moving my body which in times like this, is beneficial in so many ways to our immune system!

Anyways, I encourage you to take even 15 minutes of your day to do something active, whether it's yoga, cardio, pushups, walking, biking, etc. 

Despite being in quarentine, you can still go for a walk. (Socially distancing of course.)