Is Disney World Replacing Their Monorails?

A rumor has started that Disney has already ordered new trains, but is it true?

April 16, 2018


Walt Disney World is famous for many things, one of which are the monorails that encircle the Seven Seas Lagood as well as offer transportation to EPCOT. 

A reputable online blog is reporting that Disney is in the process of replacing the current fleet. Is this rumor true though?

The rumor has been going for years about new monorail trains replacing the current fleet, but they continually get shot down. 

And that seems to be the case again.

A representative for Disney has clarified to me personally, that this is simply false and the current fleet of monorails are here to stay and that the "rumor" going around is simply not true. 

So there you have it! No new monorails and the current fleet will continue to usher guests to the happiest place on Earth for the forseeable future!