Rumor: Ellen DeGeneres May Be Leaving "The Ellen Show"

Rumor has it she may be eyeing more acting roles.

December 12, 2018

(Photo by Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment/PA Images/Sipa USA)

Ellen DeGeneres has been a staple on daytime talk since 2003 when her light-hearted talk show debuted. 

Now in its 16th season, rumors are circulating that Ellen may not renew her contract in 2020.

Buzzfeed reports that her wife Portia DeRossi is on team leave the show and go after other ventures, while Ellen's brother is urging her to stay on the show.

Ellen's daytime talk show is so fun and light-hearted and constantly makes you feel good. She stands out among daytime talk shows filled with drama, negative news, and constant bickering and political banter.

Ellen does face the issues of the times, but she does so in an eloquent way that really makes you stop and listen.

Now, this is all just a rumor at this point and Ellen has yet to comment on the rumors, but I really hope she stays in daytime talk for a while, at least until I can get my own show. Then I'll takeover that role. ;)