Epcot Getting New Entrance, Indoor Play Pavilion

Epcot is in the middle of a massive transformation.

February 21, 2019


My favorite Disney theme park, Epcot is getting some major renovations in the coming years, an most notably, the front entrance is getting a complete makeover!

The iconic "ball" or Space Ship Earth will remain an get an updated ride-thru, but the area around it will look vastly different!

Coming are more landscaping, less "moon rock" sculptures, and lots and lots of Disney!

What seems to be the biggest revelation, this the massive indoor pavilon that will allow for kids to play, something Epcot hasn't really been known for over the past few years.

Epcot has taken on the "festival" and "drinking around the world" mantra but that's all changing.

Just take a look at the images Disney released!