Here's Why It's A Big Deal "College GameDay" Is Coming To UCF

The televised ESPN show means BIG exposure for the school and program.

November 15, 2018

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

When you think of ESPN College GameDay, you probably think of the big schools like Florida, Florida State, Alabama, Texas, Oregon, USC, etc. 

Well, now you can add the University of Central Florida to that list as ESPN's College GameDay will be LIVE from the UCF campus this Saturday as UCF takes on Cincinatti. 

Why is this such a big deal? 

Well, for starters, everytime they come back from commercials, they mention "we're live from Orlando as UCF Knights take on Cincinatti." They'll probably mention how UCF is undefeated and mind you... undefeated since the beginning of LAST season.

Having College GameDay in Orlando will boost the image of UCF as one of the schools incoming freshmen should go to. It ups the "cool factor" (as if UCF wasn't already cool.) 

You may have potential players for college programs in other states suddenly look at this program and think "I may be able to be a standout player there," and then there's the obvious, if you're in the crowd, you may get on TV. 

In my opinion, this puts UCF on the same level as those big schools mentioned above. Sure, you can argue the Knights don't play in the SEC and they'd be man-handled by Alabama or Florida... but remember, UCF defeated Auburn last year in their bowl game. 

I wish I could tell you tickets were still available to this weekend's game, but it's sold out and for obvious reasons. 

So Knights... show up. Be loud. Stay until the final whistle blows. Support your team and show how Orlando is UCF country and we deserve to be heard. 

Also, click here for game day parking information.

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