I Went To The Gym Today And This Is What I Thought

My gym did an exceptional job setting guidelines and procedures.

May 27, 2020

With Florida reopening following weeks of closures due to COVID19, my gym finally opened this week.

I did not workout there Monday or Tuesday instead I monitored friend's social media channels and asked them what they saw before I decided to venture out on my own.

Many of my friends stated that equipment was properly spaced and there were roving employees cleaning equipment frequently and signs everywhere reminding people to practice social distancing.

Something else that I saw was that many people did not wear a mask inside the gym.

Now, I was a little disappointed by this as I was wearing a festival bandana to cover my mouth and nose and abide by the guidelines. However, I soon found that with the pace at which I was working out, it was quite difficult to breathe normally with a mask on.

So I can understand why people were not wearing their masks. Many older people were wearing them and every employee was wearing proper attire.

All in all, I got my hour workout in and felt just fine in doing so. 

I commend LA Fitness for taking the necessary steps to ensure proper sanitization and enforcing CDC guidelines.