Is The Hourglass District Getting A Drastic Makeover?

The area along Curry Ford road now has a vision and people are divided.

August 15, 2019

Getty Images

Change is never easy... especially when it involves your every day living.

The area known as the Hourglass District along Curry Ford Road south of downtown and easy of SoDo is currently a hot spot for redevelopment and there was never a true vision.

Well, a special panel held workshops to talk with residents and business owners alike to get input on what the area needs and should look like during this transformation and the results are that it could be drastically different. 

We're talking 5-story buildings, mixed-use development, denser residential units, etc. I mean... just check this out!

It's obvious Orlando is growing and people need a place to go, so look at College Park as an idea for how the area could look in the next few years.

All over Orlando, development is being concentrated in hubs such as Ivanhoe Village, SoDo, Lake Nona, Lake Mary, and now it appears the Hourglass District which really didn't become a "thing" until 3 years ago could be the next area to be a "hub" of development. 

There's obviously good and bads that come with this news like increased property values, more retail offerings, and a greater sense of community, but with more people comes traffic, accidents, and the mess that people create.

So it's a good with the bad but I honestly like this plan and would like to see more areas implement similar visions. 

Now, if only we had a light rail that serviced more than just downtown...