We Want Your Child For "Kid Smarts"

And they can do it from home!

March 28, 2018
Kid Smarts

Photo by Adam Alexander


Every weekday at 7:30am, The Morning MIX plays a game called "Kid Smarts" where the kid gets to be the star! We usually have the kids come in-studio to record themselves, but now with everything going on, we've made some adjustments. Now, your child can play from home!

That's right! All you have to do is email Jay from the Morning MIX and tell him your child wants to be the star of "Kid Smarts!" We will arrange a day and time during the week to call you and your child can play "Kid Smarts" right over the phone from the comforts of home!

We're looking for another round of kids, so if they've always wanted to play, now is the time!

Here is Jay's email to schedule a day and time: Jay@mix1051.com