Hurricane Florence Strengthens In Atlantic, Path Uncertain

The models show everything from southeast to curving out to sea.

September 5, 2018


Now is a good time to make sure those hurricane kits are up-to-date.

As we enter the "peak" of hurricane season, the Atlantic Ocean is coming alive with plenty of areas to watch, including Hurricane Florence.

Florence is now a category 3 storm with winds near 120mph, which makes Florence the first major hurricane of the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

The question every Floridian wants to know... where is Florence heading?

The answer is not simple. With well over a week away from potential impacts, forecast models show the storm anywhere from Florida to completely curving out to sea and missing land entirely.

So to answer the question of, "where is Florence heading," we don't know yet. Most forecast models are a pretty good gauge a few days out, but once you're in the 4-5 day range and beyond, it becomes tricky.

Specifically with a storm as powerful as Florence, sometimes these storms can "steer themselves" as opposed to being influenced by the atmospheric conditions. 

What we can hope for here in Florida, is a break in the high pressure system that is steering these storms westward that would allow Florence an escape route back out to the open Atlantic and eventually die out in the cooler waters of the north. 

As of now, monitor local weather authorities, ensure your hurricane safety kit is ready and be prepared regardless as to what Florence does because behind Florence, models are picking up on a few other "areas of interest" that could pose a long-term threat as all storms could. 

After all, just past weekend Gordon formed near the keys and 48 hours later slammed the Gulf coast as a strong tropical storm.