Tropical Storm Florence Weakens, Projected Path Shifts

What was once hurricane Florence has now weakened into a tropical storm.

September 7, 2018



Tropical Storm Florence continues to churn westward in the open Atlantic Ocean and causing forecasters to work in over-drive to figure out where this storm will go.

Many forecasters are saying that the "window for Florence to head out to sea is closing" while others say it is still a possibility.

All we can do at this point is monitor the storm's progress and prepare ourselves in case Florence decides to visit central Florida.

As of the 11am advisory, Florence had maximum sustained winds of 65 mph with movement to the west at 8 mph.

The storm had been forecast to take a more westward track and it is now doing so. The main takeaway from this advisory is that Florence has weakened from a monster category 4 storm a few days ago.

Florence will soon enter a "favorable" environment for strenthening and the current forecast has Florence becomnig a category 4 storm again just off the southern coast of the United States. Again, it's still too early to determine if Florence will impact the East coast or if the storm will curve out to sea, multiple factors come into play on how storms are steered.

The National Hurricane Center did a nice job on giving us a bottom line on what to expect with Florence in the mean time.