An Interview With Dan Levy Brought Me Back To Something I Loved

A small interview reminded me of something I love that I haven't done in years.

July 14, 2020
Dan Levy

(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)


Writing is something that brings me joy. 

I aced my writing exams in school and English was my strongest subject. 

Perhaps that's why I love the theatre so much because someone created a piece of literature that was interpreted into a performance piece.

Words, if used correctly, can paint the wildest pictures and really take you on a journey. 

I found that over the years, I stopped writing somewhere along the way. I have countless notebooks in a bin somewhere full of journal entries, story ideas, movie plots, etc, just waiting to be re-read again.

Whether it be life, my job, my passion for acting, or just plain ol' burnout, I somewhere along the way put the pen down and never picked it back up.

That was, until I watched an interview with Dan Levy where he discussed his love for writing. 

That simple 10 second interview answer of him explaining that he took a prop from his "Rose Apothocary" store from Schitt's Creek and he uses it to jot down ideas for new projects or just random ideas that pop into his head made me ask, "why did I stop writing?"

So I went and searched for the bin that had all of my old notebooks in them, and found my journal from 2010! 

I realized it was mostly new with well over 200 blank pages. So I wrote down some things and realized how much I missed it and how much it makes me happy.

It seems like every day there is more doom and gloom in the news and online and if we're not feeling fulfilled ourselves, we let that infultrate our minds and it causes us to enter into a sort of depressed state.

Then everything adds up and before you know it you're saying things like, "this sucks," "this year is terrible," etc.

I use this example a lot, but Jen Cicero, author of "You Are A Badass" talks about in her book about humans and the law of attraction.

How we give off frequencies and the higher the frequency, the more things seem to be attracted to you. Sometimes you see those people who seem to always get everything and good things seem to always happen to them. It's no coincidence because they're looking at life through a much happier and more positive lens.

So perhaps it's time to look for those little things that make you happy, (I mean truly happy) and start doing them!

I can't tell you how happy it's made me to pick up the pen again and jot down ideas. 

I'll let you in on a little secret, I'm starting to write a screenplay. It's semi-autobiographical and it's almost writing itself. ;)

So look for those little messages in life that remind you to be happy. Luckily I was looking for them today and thanks to Dan Levy, I heard his message loud and clear.