My Car's Lane Departure System Freaks Out In I4 Construction Zones

My new car does not like driving on I4.

July 15, 2019

Driving up and down I4 everyday you never know what you'll get.

Will it be free-flowing? Will it be a parking lot? Will an airplane land?

Seriously, it's all over the place and I say this to transition into what I'm really getting at with this blog post... my new car has all kinds of sensors and computer systems so it can literally drive itself and it hates taking I4.

The amount of construction that is taking place is obviously for good reason. Eventually, there will be no construction and we'll have a super nice interstate highway with easy access to our destinations.

However, to get there, they have lanes shifting, new lanes being constructed, old lanes being demolished and because of this, the lines in the lanes are all over the place and my car's sensors pick up on it and freaks out.

To alert me that I'm leaving my lane, my steering wheel buzzes and sometimes pulls towards the side the car wants to go to keep me in my lane, however, what it's trying to get towards isn't a lane at all and will most likely cause me to hit another vehicle or a wall.

So perhaps the construction crews should try and eliminate more of the lines so that cars built with this standard technology to prevent crashes don't freak out and potentially cause more accidents.

So long story short, my new spaceship car doesn't like I4 right now. But tbh...neither do I.