Lukas Graham Talks Denmark, Travel, Politics In Music, And 2019 Plans

Politics in music? Lukas Graham feels there should be more of it.

December 18, 2018

Lukas Graham performed at our All I Want for Christmas Show and before rocking the stage, he chatted with CJ about everything from European travel, why Denmark is so happy, and how he feels politics should be more represented in music.

For starters, Lukas Graham remembered performing in Orlando 2 years ago. He played a very small show for us at the Abbey in downtown and he vividly remembers his daughter running around.

To start, he wants everyone to know that "7 Years" isn't meant to be a sad song...even though some people think it may be. It's very empowering and he hopes that "Love Someone" doesn't fall into the same trap.

After a little banter about Denmark and why he feels the people there are always so happy, he goes on to say that politics should be more represented in music.

Not like the "You suck, I rule. That's the way it has to be" kind of way, but in the let's have discussions and calmly talk things over. 

He also plans to hit the road in 2019 and release more music and hopefully before all of that happens, take a much needed break and relax for a few weeks.