In A Town Built By A Mouse, Orlando Really Is Pet Friendly

Orlando is the second best pet-friendly city in the country.

August 7, 2018


With National Homeless Animals Day approaching and over 85 million U.S. pet-owning households projected to spend $72 billion this year, the personal finance website WalletHub today released an in-depth report on 2018’s Most Pet-Friendly Cities as well as accompanying videos.

In order to determine where Americans’ animal companions can enjoy the best quality of life without breaking the bank, WalletHub compared the creature-friendliness of the 100 largest cities across 24 key metrics. The data set ranges from minimum pet-care provider rate per visit to pet businesses per capita to walkability.
Pet-Friendliness of Orlando (1=Most Pet-Friendly; 50=Avg.):

30th – Veterinary Care Costs

13th – Dog Insurance Premium

3rd – Veterinarians per Capita

8th – Pet Businesses per Capita

1st – Dog-Friendly Restaurants per Capita

53rd – Dog Parks per Capita

50th – Walk Score

15th – Animal Shelters per Capita

Top City List:

1. Scottsdale, AZ

2. Orlando, FL

3. San Diego, CA

4. Austin, TX

5. Phoenix, AZ

6. Tampa, FL

7. Cincinnati, OH

8. Seattle, WA

9. Las Vegas, NV

10. Irvine, CA