Florida's Turnpike Going Cashless

Even in Orlando, no cash will be accepted.

May 22, 2019

Getty Images

Pretty soon, Florida's turnpike will be cashless, meaning they will not accept cash as payment.

Currently, the turnpike in south Florida is cashless and tolls are paid via SunPass or toll-by-plate.

SunPass is a transponder that is placed on your windshield and is connected to a credit card or bank account to pay tolls electronically.

Toll-by-plate means, drivers are sent a bill of tolls they passed as well as a $2.50 fee by way of a camera that snaps a photo of their license plate. 

The portion of the Turnpike that will be upgraded is from Kissimmee Park Road in Osceola County in St. Cloud to I-75 interchange in Wildwood in Sumter County, which services the Orlando metro area.

The Leesburg toll plaza is being prepped for the transition and eventually will be a seamless electronic tolling facility with no need to slow down and pay a toll. 

FDOT says this will help make the Turnpike safer and easier to drive as there will be less merging, stopping, and narrow toll lanes.

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