When The Pandemic Is Over, Orlando Will Still Be Magical

Our tourism driven economy would love to have you.

April 9, 2020

Coronavirus has taken a toll on our local economy here in Orlando. 

With the theme parks closed, hotels vacant, and restaurants only offering curbside or takeout service, many here in Orlando are out of a job, like many places around the country and even the world.

We know that Coronavirus is serious, however it will come to an end and life will get back to normal.

As an Orlandoan that has seen many friends and family members stress about how they'll pay their bills or even put food on the table for their families, I ask you... when you're able to travel again, consider Orlando.

I know people who work at the theme parks. I have friends who create magic every single day in one capacity or another.

From characters, to food-service, to concierge at a resort hotel, these people depend on travelers choosing Orlando to put food on their tables and pay their mortgages. 

It'll take time for people to trust that the "all clear" is really an "all clear" and we respect that. But once you personally deem it "safe" to travel, consider booking here in Orlando. 

You can spend all your time in the theme parks and soak in all the magic you couldn't find over the past few months, or you can choose to support the local businesses and go shopping on Park Avenue in Winter Park, check out the breweries in downtown Sanford, or rent a car and hit New Smyrna Beach. 

The magic that Orlando has over most cities is still here. Trust me. 

As a local, I see it still in the grocery store workers tirelessly sanitizing the stores, and restocking shelves. 

I see it in the Starbucks barista properly covered and carefully handing coffee to people who want some sense of normalcy.

I see it in the post office workers who still deliver the mail despite the pandemic.

The magic is here, and it's waiting for you.