Here's My Wish List Of Things I Wish Orlando Had

Orlando is home to so many amazing things... but sometimes wish we had more.

August 19, 2019

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You know, we live in one of the best areas of the country. I truly believe this as I've seen friends and family move to their "dream" city only to move back and say there's nothing like Orlando.

I mean, we're no more than 1 hour from a beach, we're home to 8 world-class theme parks, 2 massive airports, a seaport, 3 great shopping malls, natural springs, great restaurants, etc.

You get it. We have a lot to do here in central Florida.

But sometimes, I see things in other cities and I just think... "I wish Orlando had that!" 

So, I'm building a wishlist of things I wish we had.

1. A true metro system. - I understand that in Florida, we can't have underground trains as we'd hit water within 10 feet. But we could have a great light rail system like Charlotte, North Carolina. Their LYNX system is a great way for locals to usher themselves around the Queen city and IT RUNS 7 DAYS A WEEK. (Looking at you SunRail.)

2. White Water Adventure Park - Another thing I found in Charlotte, North Carolina is the US Olympic White Water Adventure Park! This place has everything from man-made white water rafting, ropes courses, zip-lines, kayaking, tubing, etc. It's a great place and a perfect alternative to theme parks. 

3. Momofuku Milk Bar - I REALLY want a Momofuku Milk Bar. The Crack Pie is to die for! I feel this place would do well in the tourist corridor and I'd drive there once a week to get my favorite sweet treats.

4. Green roof programs - I'm talking literal grassy areas on all new skyscrapers. We're the sunshine state, and having a rooftop garden where a new apartment tower can build a community garden would be the coolest way to grow your own crops in the middle of an urban area.

5. Condensed development - Tired of urban sprawl? Me too. I'd like to see city leaders fix the issue by upping the density of development in the inner core of Orlando and fill in some of the gaps as opposed to continuing to build outwards. 

I could go on an on... but I want to hear from you! What would you like to see Orlando get in the near future?