Is SeaWorld Orlando Adding A Winged Roller Coaster In 2021?

A recent blog post is hinting that perhaps another new coaster is coming to SeaWorld.

January 22, 2020

SeaWorld Orlando is busy building their newest roller coaster "Ice Breaker" which is set to open this year.

However, recently stumbled upon some construction plans that have theme park enthusiasts wondering if SeaWorld is planning another coaster in the very near future.

Roughly 3.5 acres has been plotted out in a construction plan near the front of the theme park.

Rumors are swirling that a "winged coaster" is on the table for the park, which would be a first for Orlando.

A winged coaster is where the seats actually dangle beside the track giving even more thrill as nothing is ever underneath you while the train is in motion. 

Here's an example from Dollywood in Tennessee.

There's still no official notice from SeaWorld about this construction filing, but you better believe we're excited if it is indeed a new roller coaster!