What Kind Of Coaster Is SeaWorld Orlando Building?

They hinted at heights and plunging.

June 10, 2019

Getty Images

SeaWorld Orlando has been aggressively changing the mindset of the public and rapidly adding new attractions and offerings for park guests.

In the past few years we've seen the addition of Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, Kraken Unleashed (although virtual reality has been removed,) Mako, Infinity Falls, and Sesame Street Land. 

SeaWorld is distancing themselves from relying on animal shows to instead, attractions that are immersive to animals and the nautical theme. 

SeaWorld announced they'll be opening a new roller coaster in 2020 and they used phrasing like "plunging thrills" and "predatory heights." 

It's worth nothing that SeaWorld San Diego is adding a dive coaster, similar to SheiKra at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Typically, theme park operators may purchase multiple versions of a ride and place them throughout their parks. This could be the case here at SeaWorld Orlando.

Blogs online seem to believe that the coaster will be a family-friendly coaster rather than a dive coaster, which I feel would fit nicely in SeaWorld's line-up. 

We already have Kraken, Manta, and Mako, 3 very thrilling coasters with unique offerings, so a thrilling yet family-friendly coaster would fit nicely.

Here's a video of a YouTube vlogger who dives into what could be coming to the park.