September Was The Hottest Summer Month In Orlando

Forget the "dog days of summer" because September was Orlando's hottest month in 2018.

October 2, 2018

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Being a summer baby, (born in July) I've grown to love the summer months. 

Between BBQs, pool parties, beach trips, and spending the day on the boat, there is something special about summer, specifically in Florida. 

However, if you thought that September seemed to be hotter than June, July, and August, then you'd be right in thinking that!

Essentially what caused this hotter than normal September was the weather itself.


a "ridge" dominated the area which also led to less rainfall, about 4 inches less than normal. 

In September 2018, Orlando picked up just under 2 inches of rainfall which, we know is nothing! One afternoon thunderstorm could produce an easy inch of rainfall in an hour. 

Local meteorologists also note that the weather may not cool off right away in October either. We're essentially on a "wait and see" based of the current atmospheric setup. 

I'm fine with October being warm, just as long as November and December are cooler because I have 2 outdoor weddings and obviously Thanksgiving and Christmas should have some sort of chill in the air.

Source: Orlando Sentinel