Here's A Great Covid-19 Peak Tracking Website

The site allows you to see when the "peak" will be.

April 8, 2020

The Coronavirus is the topic of conversation around the globe. 

Most people are under some sort of quarantine or stay-at-home order and it shows no sign of letting up for people who are used to constantly being on the go.

The biggest questions most people want answered are, "Is social distancing working" and "when will this be over."

While the second part is a loaded question with multiple possible answers and scenarios, the first part can be proven to be working with science and factual data.

Here in Florida, with a stay-at-home order issued for most major metro areas nearly 2 weeks ago, it appears Florida is beginning to "flatten the curve" per say.

NPR has put out a super helpful website using data from the University of Washington model that is updated daily with new information and data to track when the peak will be in each state. 

For Florida, it appears it'll be mid-April with a hopeful no new deaths by June 1st.

Check out the site for yourself, HERE.