"Lover" Review: Taylor Swift Has Found Her Love Story

She's in charge of her narrative and writing a love story for the ages.

August 23, 2019

Last night at midnight if you were woken by what you thought were shrieks of young girls everywhere, you're not dreaming. 

Taylor Swift released her 7th studio album Lover and boy is it good.

First of all, it's her longest album to date with 18 new songs full of personal stories and plenty of lyrical hymns. 

The album begins with "I Forgot That You Existed" which could be about her feuds with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West or perhaps a past relationship? Either way it's a fun little pop bop to start the album and it actually is a great intro to the album. It's a light-hearted way to let someone know they no longer have power over you.

Next is "Cruel Summer" which has shown up in a few promo pieces as an Easter egg. First it was a tattoo Ellen DeGeners was getting in the "You Need To Calm Down" video and then it appeared in an Amazon music commercial on a butterfly. It reminds me of 1989 with synth heavy riffs and 80s production. 

The third track is "Lover" which is arguably her best love song she's ever written. It's full of lyrical imagery and brings back the "old Taylor" with a countryesque vibe. Btw, the video is out and it's fantastic!

Next is "The Man" and it is the track specifically women in music will resonate with as it's all about how women have to work twice as hard and take twice the verbal assault to be taken seriously in any industry. Maren Morris already tagged Taylor in an Instagram story praising the song. (I have a feeling this will be a sleeper hit.)

"The Archer" is track 5 which is usually a very emotional song on all TS albums. While it is not the most emotional on Lover, it is a perfect fit for the running theme she's got going on with track 5. 

Track 6 and 7 are "I Think He Knows" and "Miss Americana And The Heartbreak Prince." Both fit nicely on Lover but "Miss Americana" could easily have been a track left off reputation

"Paper Rings" is track 8 and may be my favorite off the album. It's all about falling in love with someone out of nowhere and realizing you could marry them at anytime with paper rings. It's a modern day love story told via imagery of love, fear of loss, and the passion that comes with it.

"Cornelia Street" is another fantastic love song as it's all about the sponteniaty of an early love followed by the fear of losing the love and being constantly reminded of how wonderful it once was. However it's an internal scenario as the loss is hypothetical. 

"Death By A Thousand Cuts" is another track that could have been on reputation. It's about finding love that takes you by surprise and losing it and then being reminded time and time again of that person. It's full of imagery of Taylor walking through the streets after a breakup and wondering if it'll ever be okay again. Calvin Harris inspiration here? Or maybe a brief breakup with Joe Alwyn? Either way, it's a song I wasn't sure if I liked and then as I write this it came on and I realized it's actually one of my favorites.

"London Boy" is track 11 and it's a fun song about falling in love with everything about a person from how they speak to their same ol' stories they tell of the good ol' days. Obviously about Joe Alwyn.

Track 12 is "Soon You'll Get Better" a collaboration with the Dixie Chicks. This song is the most emotional track on Lover. It's about Taylor's mom's cancer diagnosis and the scare that comes with it and all of the thoughts. Taylor has never really gone into detail about her mom's health except for the initial announce of the diagnosis.

"False God" is track 13 which should be a significance as the number 13 is Taylor's favorite so this song and this song details falling deeply in love despite being led by blind faith. 

"You Need To Calm Down" is a nice reprieve after "Soon You'll Get Better" and "False God" as it's the lighthearted power anthem of the album. 

"Afterglow" is another sleeper hit on the album. It could be an apology to someone she loved in the past or perhaps a friendship gone wrong. (Calvin Harris or Katy Perry maybe?)

"ME!" is track 16 and it was the first single from the album and ironically, the least like the vibe of this album. It kind of sticks out but in a good way as to celebrate being yourself and all of your flaws.

"It's Nice to Have A Friend" is 2nd to last on the album and it's yet another nod to love and how when you fall in love with someone, you find a true friend for life. 

Ending the album is "Daylight" which is a perfect way to bookend this album. It's all about stepping out of the darkness and into the light and truly feeling alive. 

All in all, Taylor Swift is the happiest she's ever been and it's evident in every note on this album. She's once again taken pop music to a place it hasn't been in years. She's managed to fall in love with love again and the stark contrast to reputation is proof.

Sometimes you have to be in the dark for so long that you forget what the light is like and when you feel it again, it's like you're discovering it for the first time.