Taylor Swift Embraces The Rainbow For "You Need To Calm Down" Music Video

Taylor makes it apparent that she supports the LGBTQ community.

June 17, 2019

(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for AEG)

Taylor Swift has made quite the colorful statement with her new video for her 2nd single from Lover, "You Need To Calm Down."


The video shows bright colors and rainbow images everywhere as Taylor embraces the LGBT community. 

High-profile names like Ellen DeGeneres, Olympian Adam Rippon, the cast of Queer Eye, Adam Lambert, RuPaul and so many more make appearances in the video.

The biggest cameo comes at the very end however, officially putting to rest any "bad blood" between Katy Perry and Taylor herself as Katy appears dressed as a cheeseburger to Taylor's fries. 

The video is more than just a love-fest however, it's a call to action for the community to support the Equality Act.

Here's an excerpt from Billboard explaining the Equality Act: 

"H.R. 5 and S. 788, better known as the Equality Act, is a piece of legislation being considered in Congress that would create federal protections for LGBTQ Americans against discrimination on the basis of “sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity,” specifically in areas including housing, employment, access to public accomodations (restaurants, bathrooms, etc.) and more. The bill in its current form was officially introduced in the House of Representatives and in the Senate on March 13, 2019, although a version of the bill has been making its way around Congress since July 2015."

The Equality Act has passed the House of Representatives and is awaiting a vote in the Senate. 

Taylor is vocally for this bill to pass and has been promoting a petition for it on her social media channels.