Taylor Swift Brings The Rock And Much More To Miami's Hard Rock Stadium

Taylor's all-stadium tour brings her star level to new heights.

August 20, 2018


She's got a big reputation and she knows it.

Taylor Swift brought the rock to Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens this past weekend, playing for a sold-out crowd of 64,000 in the sweltering Miami heat.

Her latest album, reputation, deals with the ups and downs of having such a public life and how she handles it all. And let me say, she handles it VERY well.

She started the show with the first song from the album, 'Ready For It,' with plenty of pyrotechnics, coreographed dance moves and a sparkly jumpsuit. (The old Taylor still lives in her sparkly outfit choices.)

After welcoming the screaming crowd to the 'reputation Stadium Tour,' Taylor then went into 'I Did Something Bad,' which is the first song Taylor says a curse word in. When she sang that lyric, the stadium erupted in cheers.

This song is the first song that we see fire come into play, possibly a reference to the heat that her public reputation faced over the years. And was that fire hot. It could be felt all the way in the last row. It was a sign that this tour was going to be 'fire' as the kids say these days.

After a brief monologue to the audience, Taylor then went into the happier and much poppier 'Gorgeous' which starts with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' daughter saying 'gorgeous.' 

Right after 'Gorgeous' the beat changed for a mashup of 3 of Taylor's biggest hits, 'Style/Love Story/You Belong With Me.' At this moment, not a single soul was sitting. Everyone was dancing and singing the words to each song at the top of their lungs.


This is the part in the show where the "old Taylor" transitions into the new Taylor and the first time we see snake imagery being used. 'Look What You Made Me Do' was the introduction to the reputation era and Tiffany Haddish makes an appearance on the big screen as she announces that the old Taylor can't come to the phone because she's dead. (Personal note here, but I love Tiffany and Taylor's friendship. Both are talented women who compliment each other's personality and bring out new sides to each other.)

We then go into 'End Game' which omits the rap by Future and the verse by Ed Sheeran with Taylor doing mild choreography while singing. This was a definite crowd favorite. 

One of my favorite songs on reputation' is 'King of My Heart' and Taylor performed it with tons of imagery and these massive drums. Taylor also put on her first dash of bright color at this moment in a sparkly dress that resembled Mermaid colors. 

After a brief monologue Taylor boarded her gondola and flew over the screaming crowd below while singing 'Delicate' her most recent #1 song where she then took her place on a smaller stage in the rear of the stadium and performed songs acoustically after getting the tempo going with arguably one of her biggest sogns to date, 'Shake It Off.' She was joined here by Charli XCX and Camila Cabello (who played her homecoming show as she's from Miami) and had the ENTIRE stadium on their feet singing and dancing along. I even saw some dads breaking it down at this point.

After a brief water break (because the heat index was well above 100 degrees at this point) Taylor grabbed her guitar and played 'Dancing With Our Hands Tied' acoustically before announcing that the surprise song of the night was oen she had never played before, 'Breathe' from her sophomore album Fearless.

Something she does at almost every show, is walk amongst the fans and shake hands with as many as possible which is what she did walking from b-stage 1 to b-stage 2 in the rear of the stadium. Yes, Taylor had 3 stages in total! 

Here she slipped into "appropriate attire" for the song she was about to sing, 'Dress' which is definitely her most provacative song to date but also a crowd favorite. She finished on the b-stage by singing 'Blank Space' and 'Bad Blood' which was eventually mashed up with 'Should've Said No' and definitely the moment she brought the "hard rock" to the Hard Rock Stadium, followed by 'Don't Blame Me' in which she hit an incredibly high note that got the crowd cheering.

To give everyone a moment to cool off, she performed 'Long Live/New Year's Day' as a mashup and this was special to me. In a stadium setting with screaming fans and tons of commotion, Taylor had single-handedly grabbed the attention of all of those people with just her and a piano, something VERY hard to accomplish in any concert setting.

After a video package that showed Taylor in a desert, a car appears and you can immediately hear 'Getaway Car' start to play. This was one of several moments where the crowd was singing just as loud as Taylor, at least they were in section 217.

To wind the concert down, she played 'Call It What You Want' which is a low-tempo song that can be applied to not just relationships but also her new outlook on her reputation and to call it what you want to. Confetti rains down at this moment and people started to leave until the realized the concert wasn't over.

The concert ended with a 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together/This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things' mashup that showcased the pyrotechnics fans have come to expect from a Taylor Swift concert as well as a water fountain that some fans in the front row got wet from.

All in all, Taylor's reputation may have been the forefront of her mind when writing her 6th album, but it still remains that Taylor is a show-stopping superstar that can command a stadium setting like no other. Not to mention, put together an all-female headlining tour and travel the world with so many hits. This is one of those concerts that makes you go "THAT was a killer show." 

The visuals were on point, the music was pitch-perfect, and Taylor was at the top of her game. Correction... Taylor IS at the top of her game. She ended the concert with a quote on the 13-story tall video wall that read:

"And in the death of her reputation, she felt truly alive."