Look What You Made Her Do: Taylor Swift Sets Concert Revenue Record

Taylor dethroned herself for yet another sought-after record.

August 22, 2018


Taylor Swift is currently touring the country on her reputation stadium tour and she's playing nothing but stadiums. 

And they must be big stadiums too because Taylor Swift just dethroned herself as the highest grossing U.S. tour by a female...and she's not even done touring.

Across 27 dates that have been recorded thus far, Taylor has brought in a whopping $191.1 million with an additional $11 million earned in Canada! 

With 40 shows in North America and only 2 in Canada, that still leaves 11 shows left in the tally with each show bringing in anywhere between $4-$8 million each. 


That's anywhere between $40-$80 million to add to the already impressive total. Taylor will then cross the Pacific to play Ausitralia, New Zealand, and Japan.

Taylor previously held the record with her 1989 World Tour which capped at just under $182 million in U.S. revenue and $250 million worldwide. It appears Taylor will SMASH that record and put up numbers in the $300 million range worldwide. 

Source: Billboard