Here Are A Few Things I Never Thought To Clean

Seriously, these are things you may not even think to clean in your house.

January 22, 2019


Let me start by stating, I am NOT the world's cleanest man by any means. 

I'm a surface duster, I vacuum the carpets religiously, but rarely move furniture to get underneath things, but I do try and be as clean as possible as often as possible. You could say, I'm an average cleaner.

However, there are many things I have never thought about when it comes to cleaning!

1. Refillable Water Jugs - So in my apartment, we don't have a water tap in our refrigerator, so I have one of those filtered water jugs that I refill from the sink and it filters out the grossness. I would clean the jug from time to time, but I never really thought to deep clean it because... it's water and it's constantly moving through the crevices. However, to my shock and horror, the lip was COVERED in black mold. Apparently that should be cleaned as often as possible. Yeah, so make sure that's cleaned weekly at the least.

2. Air Filters - Now this one I knew about and I do change monthly, but you have to change your A/C air filter every month. Get in the habit of doing so when you pay your rent or mortgage. In fact, most apartments offer free filters. 

3. The Dryer Lint Trap - Ah yes. That little thingy in your dryer that you may on occasion find a random sock. I clean mine out after every dryer cycle. It could become a fire hazard and should be cleaned at least every other use, especially after big blankets, towels, and fluffy articles.

4. The Underside Of A Pedestal Sink - Ok, so this one I'll admit, I never thought about. But you clean the sink BOWL... so clean the outside of a pedastal sink. Water and runoff can drip down the side of the sink bowl and create a mildewy mess. So next time you clean your sink, go ahead and wipe the ENTIRE sink down.

5. Baseboards - I walked in on my friend Jill on her hands and knees one day scrubbing her baseboards and the water was a gross grey color. Apparently, that tiny little lip on a baseboard will CAKE on the dust and just create more airborn dust when the air circulates. So once a month, wash em' down!

6. Ceiling Fans - If you're like me, your ceiling fan runs almost constantly. I need moving air. However, in doing so, that fan collects dust on the blades and over time it really cakes on. Once a month or even more frequently if you're in the same boat as me, clean those blades.

7. Porch Ceilings - Specifically in Florida, cob webs form on the ceilings of outdoor patios. Once a week, I brush mine off to prevent a build up of cob webs. Sure, they trap mosquitoes and flies, but it still looks gross.

8. Bottom Of Your Shoes - Now this one, I'll admit I rarely do. But I've read studies that show your shoes are COVERED in germs. Like, millions of germs and you track them in your house. If you wear your shoes in your home, at least grab a disenfecting wipe and wipe them down. Better yet, take them off and wear house slippers.

9. Soap Dish - My shower has a soap dish, and I do keep my bar of soap on that soap dish. However, over time, soap residue collects and really builds causing mold eventually to grow. When you clean your shower... clean the soap dish. 

10. Window Sills - Yes, that little one inch wide lip on your window collects all kinds of dust. A once a week or every other week wipe down will help minimize the amount of dust particles floating around your house.

Obviously, there are things I didn't mention, but these are some things I do, and others I never do. The least you can do even if you don't ever do ANY of the things on this list... just wash your hands. A few times a day.