Toll By Plate Program To Cost A Lot More On Orlando Expressways

In some cases, the cost could be double that of the transponder price.

October 10, 2019

Central Floridians are used to paying tolls as the majority of our expressways and even some major roadways are tolled.

With new expressways being proposed in various parts of the metro, the Expressway Authority is looking at ways to reduce costs and run more efficently. 

One way is to encourage travelers to get a portable transponder. (Which, to be honest is the best way to take the expressways as it's cheaper and you don't have to stop at toll plazas.)

The toll by plate program was implemented to reduce congestion around toll plazas, but it requires manual labor in other areas.

So, with plenty of warning to switch, the Expressway Authority announced price hikes for toll by plate. 

In some instances, the cost for toll by plate vs Sunpass or other transponder could be double the transponder rate. 

And if you use cash....those days are numbered too as many areas of the Turnpike have gone cashless as have certain toll plazas along Orlando expressways. 

Oh, and 2 new expressways have been given the greenlight. 

The Lake/Orange Connector in South Clermon/Winter Garden and an extension of the Poinciana Parkway. 

Source: Orlando Sentinel