A Company Is Selling Used Tissues So You Can Get Sick When You Want

It's supposed to be a good thing. Huh?

January 24, 2019


Every year, when you least expect it, BAM! You catch a cold.

Well, what if you could plan when you caught that year's cold virus to avoid being sick during important dates?

There's a startup company that is literally selling used tissues infected with the cold so you can get sick when you have time to be sick, as opposed to being sick during a vacation, wedding, or special occasion.

Apparently the company was created with the idea that we plan every aspect of our lives... so why not plan when we get sick. 

According to one doctor, there are hundreds of strands of the rhinovirus which is why there will never be a vaccine for the common cold. 

So, if you have roughly $80, there's one way to plan your sickness. 

OR... you can be like any normal human and try and be healthy and get your daily dose of vitamins and sleep at least 8 hours a night. 

But hey, who am I to judge?